Jabuti is a native reptile from South America, with a black shell that has a pattern in polygons of yellow center and with relief designs that is a protective box in which the animal recovers when harassed.
The Jabutis are a group of brazilian indians who lives at the south of Rondônia, more especific in the Indian areas in White River, Guaporé River and Jabuti indian area.
The Jabuti Collective is born to meet the desire of those who cherish true food, valuing local products and producers in a sustainable way, bringing a culinary experience of reference, exploring regional flavors and delivering a new concept in slow food.
In Tupi, Jabuti-piranga means
Something who eats a little of red
Red-footed Tortoise
In Tupi, Jabuti-tinga means
Something who eats a little of white
Yellow-footed Tortoise
Coletivo Jabuti
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